Got Drone? Here's How you Can Monetize Your Drone Skills

There are many kinds of drone pilots. Some of those pilots get training to fly an actual drone, while others buy drones and learn how to fly them by themselves. While drones are interesting to look at, there are also many benefits of buying drones. Drones or quadcopters are mobile devices that can fly by being controlled remotely, and they are equipped with imaging technology that can take aerial shots of the landscape.

Apart from the multiple benefits that flying a drone can bring you as a hobby, you can also benefit from drone piloting in your career! And all you need is a certificate.

Well, "only" a certificate still needs a good amount of training.

In the USA you would need a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA to become a certified drone pilot and actually be able to profit from it and use it for commercial purposes.

How Can You Profit from Drone Piloting?

1. Commercial Use

Drone photography

Indeed, drone photography is challenging, and not everyone can do it well. Thus, when you master your skills, you can sell your footage for a fee, for which a certification is necessary as mentioned above.

Media and Production

You can also use drone photography in other skills like movie making, covering a news story, taking aerial shots for different purposes, etc. Of course you can also use it for 3D modeling and basically anything that relates to media and production.

Inspections and Real Estate

Inspecting an infrastructure, offering location and area mapping, inspecting cell phone towers or other types of infrastructure. Drones are also used for images of land, houses, buildings and other locations, from above, for commercial purposes or for construction.

Government Operations

Military and other government operations normally use unarmed vehicles for a variety of goals, from air traffic control to disaster recovery or emergency assistance.

There's more potential of course, these are only of the few options you can have as a certified drone pilot. You can search for drone flying jobs in websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed but also specialized drone pilot job websites.

But other than just helping you add to your income, drone flying, especially when you're certified, can offer you other benefits too:

2. It Can Help You Socialize

Drones aren't devices that you can fly around your home. Well, you can, but there's no point in you getting an aerial shot of your home. The possibilities of what drones can do will make you want to get out of the house to reap the full benefits of the technology. You might even find some like-minded people interested in drones and drone photography, which can act as an ice-breaker for socializing. It can help you feel more seen as you build a community around your hobby. You will even get better at your drone photography skill the more you get out of your home and ask for help from others. When you're certified, you can broaden your circles to people with unique skills and work duties too.

3. Uninterrupted Footage

Drones provide you with video footage that isn't paused by blockages. You don't have to worry about obstructions in the middle of your video. You can get amazing footage that you may edit later and use in a family video. The uninterrupted footage lets you open and close to almost any video you have. If you're editing a vlog about your vacation, a drone video is perfect for both of these time frames. Many people also sell the rights of some footage to YouTubers to use them in their daily videos.

4. Fun

Drones are exceptionally fun. There's a feature on almost all drones called sport mode, which lets you pretend that you are an actual drone pilot. You can wear certain goggles and act like you're flying around the entire world completely free. It could be an innate feeling that most people have, similar to the story with Icarus. However, this mode makes drone flying all the more fun and real.

5. Voluntary Service

If you're dreaming of being an everyday hero or helping people, being a certified drone pilot who volunteers, can be really rewarding. There're tons of search and rescue groups and non-profit organizations that could really benefit from drone scouting. From animal shelters to emergency help groups, paramedics and other. You can find out more about voluntary drone pilot positions here:


If you're a certified drone pilot and you'd like to offer your advice or would like to share your experience with us, we'd be happy to hear from you. Chat with us via email, at or any of our social media you can find in the footer below.

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