Hekka Joins Hands with CDiscount

If you have been keeping up with Hekka lately, then you would agree it is not a platform that shies away from walking the less trodden path. A step in the same direction is Hekka's integration with CDiscount - a leader in the French e-commerce industry.


Hekka France on CDiscount: https://www.cdiscount.com/mpv-166109-hekka.html

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From now on, search "Hekka" on CDiscount, and you'll get a display of electronics and exclusive deals. From Xiaomi watches, NOOVO USB hubs, Laptop Stand to Hornor earphones and Smart Bands, etc., all at best price. Hekka also sells home appliances, especially vacuums. There are robot vacuums and stick vacuums to help you clean every corner of your house. More products are on the way as Hekka deepens its cooperation with CDiscount.

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In a landmark collaboration, Hekka teamed up with CDiscount to add convenience to French customers in dropshipping. That is to say, when a customer orders on Hekka through CDiscount, the product will be shipped directly from the CDiscount warehouse in Europe, reducing shipment waits and guaranteeing delivery within 3 to 7 days.

Kudos to our peers in the Hekka team, who have done wonders and left no stone unturned in making sure that the platform keeps on cruising towards its goals.

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Did you know?

Hekka is also partners with Amazon Global, in its efforts to keep finding new and innovative ways to bring products to its customers. There are already a wide variety of products and brands offered on the Hekka marketplace, including brands like Lenovo, Xiaomi, NOOVO, Amazfit, Honor and CHUWI, all of which are sold at competitive prices, as well as a variety of garments from exclusive East and Southeast Asian fashion outlets.


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Curious to know more? Check out our stores on CDiscount or guarantee your deals visiting Hekka.com.

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