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It’s common for people to follow a particular gym workout routine set by others to keep themselves physically active. Doing something is better than doing nothing. However, it’s not always the best choice when considering that everyone has different body types, and needs and habits to keep in top shape.

If that’s the case with you, it’s time to personalize your workout routine in such a way that works best for your body type and needs:

Define the goal of your workouts and motivation.

Do you want to workout to get fit, maintain fit, gain muscle, lose weight, strengthen your body, improve your mood or something else?

Depending on that, you find the workout that fits you and then you can move on to the next step, which is:

Install an All-in-1 APP.

And follow the right YouTube channels. The first thing you can do for motivating yourself is to hire a free-of-cost personal trainer, a fitness app with many workout routines. Our top recommendation for this is HYPERLINK, Nike Training Club, Peloton, where you can choose the personalized workout plan that fits your mood, goals, music taste, experience level and schedule. Apativ app is also a good choice. They provide unlimited access to hundreds of workouts available for honing your arms, legs, butt, abs, and a lot more. These plans are guaranteed to make an effective change in your body.

However, if your goal is very specific and you know you want to focus on one type of workout, you can always search for an APP or even video trainer, that does exactly what you want.

There are APPs only for Yoga, such as Asana Rebel, YogaGlo, etc. Other APPS focus on Pilates, meditation or HIIT or other types of targeted exercises.

AllBlanc is a great channel focusing on short Tabata and HIIT workouts that are super convenient if your time is limited. Yoga with Kassandra is another popular channel, with convenient Yoga routines, for all levels.

    Get the Right Gear.

      Once you're done with the above steps, you can finally take further steps to fully personalize your workout routine to make it work best for you, such as deciding the type of gear and accessories you need. If you're the running or walking type, a fit-band or smartwatch would be a brilliant investment for you, if you're going to be focusing on stretching, you will need a good mat.

      sport watch is honestly useful for almost every of workouts. It tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep quality, calories, etc. data that is useful when trying to personalize, as you get more accurate data. Good news is that you can always find a range of affordable smart watches on like Xiaomi Mi Band 6, etc.

      Mi Band 6 Review

      Make Your Plan

      A thirty to forty-five-minute workout session is usually the best you can aim for, especially in the beginning. However, if you’re pushing for a shorter duration, lean toward more intensive exercises instead of moderate ones. That would still depend on your endurance or goal and your overall health. If you are having joint problems, a short but intensive workout can be harmful.

      Listen to your body and have patience when it comes to results. After deciding on the duration and primary focus areas, it’s best to further divide the workout routine into three sections. When you group your exercises into three equal-time sessions, it diminishes the need to count the number of laps, focusing on completing specific training instead.

        Select Exercises by Intensity Level and Lap Time.

          It’s ideal to choose between four to five exercises per workout session, incorporating at least one cardio and one core exercise among them. The selection should also depend upon intensity level, as your body requires a combination of moderate and high-intensive activities for the best results. Another vital tip is to keep your strenuous exercises’ duration less than the time you give practicing low-intensity exercises.


          In addition, it’s essential to give yourself timeouts between different exercises to avoid overexerting your body. However, it’s also better to keep these breaks to a minimum so your heart rate doesn’t experience frequent and unnecessary fluctuations.

          Once you personalize your workout plan and follow through with these physical adaptations besides practicing a healthy diet, you can improve your physical health to a considerable extent. So, keep your body active and create a fun and customized workout session that works better than any tips a personal trainer can provide you.

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