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They say that love shouldn't only be celebrated on Valentine's Day. And that it's pretty much a commercial celebration.

Who are we kidding? We love it! And even the most lovey-dovey rejectors between us would happily accept a Valentine's Gift!

Yes, you love your partner or spouse and you may even be super excited about your new date. And true, there are plentiful chances around the year to express your love with fancy actions or gifts. So, why not grab another chance to do so? Spoiling your loved ones never stops being rewarding!

If it were us, we would want our 14th February to start with a single red rose placed on a tray beside a plate of pancakes with maple syrup and butter, a cup of fruits, steaming coffee, and a croissant. The breakfast should be followed by a luxurious bath and then several Valentine’s Day gifts distributed throughout the day. Sounds amazing, right? How about walking into a surprise date with all our favorite activities planned out throughout the day? Or receiving a cheesy gift from our “secret fan”?

 Every one of us has our own particular tastes, wants and styles. Once you know what your partner or date treasures, you can easily plan something unique for them.

Well, you know where to start at least. It’s easy to get stuck or undecided though. So, let’s talk about those Valentine’s Day gift ideas that might help you, and don’t worry, gift picking shouldn’t be overly complicated. Besides, it’s the thought that matters.


S'Mores Roaster Kit

They say that every relationship is sweet in the beginning, but that's lost somewhere along the way. Well, with a nice S'mores roaster kit, you'll always have an excuse to add sweetness to your relationship. It's a perfect opportunity for a camping escape, romantic rooftop or garden date or a great movie night companion. What's best is, it's a gift that stays and you can use it again during anniversaries, gatherings or any special occasion. There are different kinds of kits in various prices, depending on your budget and needs. We picked up this adorable indoor electric S'mores roaster from Chef'n for $59.99 and Gourmet S'mores Kit.


Shower Steamers

As the website description of these products say: "Why should bath owners have all the fun?". Now you can have a relaxing, romantic shower, with the fancy amenities of a bath. 
These miniature steamers react to the heat and produce relaxing scents (3 varieties) to help you relax and cool down. 

Three different fragrances to choose from:

  • You Got This - ginger, pink grapefruit and orange scent
  • Wake Up - peppermint, rosemary and ginger scent
  • Chill Out - vanilla, jasmine and valerian scent


Scratch Off Dates Poster

Want to spice up your love life? If you have no idea what to do on Valentine's Day, let a higher power to decide for you: An adventurous poster, for only $19 to help you re-arrange your relationship.This scratch-off poster has one hundred date ideas such as going for dinner, taking a dance class, going skinny dipping, snorkeling, and more. It comes with a heart-shaped scraper, which you can use to scratch off a date once you are done with it. This Valentine's Day gift will give your partner complete control over you. They can make you do things you have never even thought of trying in your life.


Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

Does your partner love to drink tea? Do they have a cup after breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Why not gift them assorted flavored tea bags? Sounds ordinary, but these tea bags are shaped like hearts and come in unique flavors. The set of 15 includes 5 White Berry Tea bags (organic white tea, organic raspberry, organic pink pepper, organic green tea, and natural flavoring), 5 English Breakfast Tea bags, and 5 Earl Grey Tea bags.


Love Capsules

Pre-written love messages in capsules inside a jar? Count us in! Been split by Covid-19? Distance or just want to go an extra step into being romantic? These 50-piece capsule letters contain pre-written love messages you can gift to your loved one and they can take them out and read them daily, like a prescription. After all, they say love is the best cure!


Make-Your-Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Who doesn’t love chocolates and that too on Valentine’s Day? However, gifting a box of chocolates no longer holds the appeal it once used to. So, why not give your partner a chocolate-making kit? This Valentine’s Day gift comes with a few select ingredients, instructions for use, and baking supplies. The ingredients include dark chocolate chips, sea salt, organic cocoa powder, peppermint extract, organic coconut flakes, and vanilla extract.


Remax Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

retro bluetooth speaker, remax speaker

Who doesn't love a good ol' retro bluetooth speaker, disguised as a transistor? With Remax's quality assurance, this wireless speaker has a playtime of 4.5 hours and a clear sound quality, great for blasting romantic tunes all night long, making a special day even more special.


Yeelight Smart LED Bulb

smart wifi led bulb

If you want to take an extra step into cheesiness, this smart wifi led bulb is your one-way ticket! With a range of colors available and connectivity to smart assistants, you can let it change the atmosphere of the room within seconds. If you're tech-savy, you can even make it switch colors with the music. 


And this is how you impress your date with a unique Valentine’s Day present! The trick to finding the perfect gift is to think about what your partner loves and then build on that.

But remember, if you don't have a date or someone to share the day with, you can always make a gift to yourself, because for every healthy relationship to work, you must first learn to love yourself.  

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