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Over the last few years, many different regions worldwide have experienced a technological revolution.

But one region stands out: Asia. Particularly Southeast and East Asia. Southeast Asia regions include Indonesia, Burma, Cambodia, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. East Asia encompasses China, Japan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, North Korea, and South Korea.

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Some of the hottest new gadgets and technological advancements are coming from these countries and we have compiled a list of all the most remarkable innovations that will blow your mind! Keep reading to learn more about exciting innovative products from East Asia to watch for in 2022!

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Technology Trends in Asia

As more startups and tech companies have been popping up all around regions of Asia, new tech trends are taking hold. Let's look at some of Asia's most widespread tech trends this year!

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Electric Transportation

The region first saw an explosion in the use of electric vehicles back in 2021. And still, this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Alongside the motivation to beat out competitors with the latest technology and cutting costs, many regions are also driven by their environmental responsibilities!

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E-commerce Innovation

With more consumers purchasing online, e-commerce innovations in Southeast and East Asia regions have experienced substantial success over the last few years. After Singapore, China, and other countries with solid e-commerce cultures, Indonesia is forecasted to account for over half of the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia by 2025. The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia are other regions following closely behind.

IoT– Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is a revolution in itself, as the probability of more technologies and products connected to the Internet over the next few years skyrockets.

Smart technology is revolutionizing how people live meanwhile enhancing other areas of life like healthcare, businesses, and more!

Alongside computers and cellphones, more devices like home appliances and even cars are predicted to switch to internet connectivity! Interestingly, Southeast Asia is looking to combine urban living with smart technology through the region's smart initiative.

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Chinese Tech

Another trend relates to China’s influence over Asia. China is predicted to tighten its hold on foreign and local big tech.

As a result, many regions will be influenced by this technology boom, particularly Southeast Asia, because they are more accepting of Chinese innovation and technology.


For those who don’t speak all the tech lingo, a unicorn refers to a privately held company valued at over $ 1 billion US dollars. It does sound deserving of a memorable name when you put it that way.

Last year alone, over fifteen startups in Southeast Asia obtained unicorn status following the region's economic growth and increased funding in private equity. As of now, more 'unicorns' are predicted to emerge over the next few years, which will benefit local and regional economies.

5G Technology

Many countries in Asia have their eyes on the fifth-generation technology standard, or 5G tech, with desired rollouts over the next few years.

Leading countries supporting 5G Technology include Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, as the regions are motivated to take advantage of the technology in their home countries.

Hottest Technology & Gadgets in Asia 2022

Now that we’ve reviewed the major technology trends in Asia, it’s time to get into the top innovations and gadgets in the region for 2020!

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One exciting tech idea, certainly making a splash, was created in China by Xiong Minglei, and it’s called ROBOSEA. As a robotics startup based in Beijing, ROBOSEA stands apart from other companies as its work revolves around underwater products.

BIKI is a fish-shaped robot and consumer product that enables underwater photography for up to two hours. But wait, there’s more! ROBOSEA also created a robotic shark model with automatic navigating systems to support efforts in mapping and charting underwater environments. These underwater technologies have led the startup to international praise, with only more success predicted in the future!


Founded in Beijing by Xu Chen, Zhang Daoning, and Zhang Jianing, a company named NOLO VR takes up the responsibility of making virtual reality accessible to everyone! The company is primarily recognized for its virtual reality products like the CV1 Toolkit, which comes with a wearable tracker and two controllers and interaction technologies.

These interaction technologies enhance the virtual experience by tracking objects at more angles, allowing users to use their environments while playing.


The Shanghai-based startup, COWAROBOT, was created by Liu Liyuan, Liao Wenlong, and Tommie He Tao in 2015. COWAROBOT aims to manufacture self-driving cars. The company is currently developing other autonomous, self-driving technologies until they figure out the technology for the vehicles.

For instance, the company gained praise for their Rover suitcase, which automatically follows the individual around instead of forcing the person to lug their heavy baggage from place to place. Other products include autonomous delivery vans and street cleaners! With their unique technology, it will be interesting to see what COWAROBOT does next!


Founded by Alyona Tkachenko in Kazakhstan, a startup called Nommi creates mobile wifi router powered by an embedded universal integrated circuit card or eSIM.

Through their technology, Nommi saves consumers money on data plans by giving them access to 4G hotspots in over 100 countries! The technology goes even further by working as a wireless phone charger and power bank. It’s no surprise that Nommi's internet router is one of the region's most profitable and successful projects!

Ethereal Machines

Based in Bangalore, India, a startup called Ethereal Machines, created by Navin Jain and Kaushik Mudda, manufactures 5D printers!

As opposed to 3D, these 5D printers have two additional axes, which enable the printing of more complex shapes and angles. What’s more, the founders even redesigned the 5D printer to make it more portable for consumers.

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Eventuate Innovation

Also based in India, a company founded by Prateek Malhotra, Ritu Malhotra, and Pratik Harde called Eventuate Innovation has created inspiring new technology! EzySpit is a portable spittoon (a metal, funnel-shaped pot made to spit into) that works to disinfect spit in 10 seconds. Ultimately, EzySpit works to fix the region's pressing social hygiene issue as the country is the second most populated globally. EzySpit effectively addresses the public health concerns caused by spitting across the region of India!

Technology Of The Future

Now you have the full rundown of the latest and most extraordinary innovative products taking over Asia this year! From inspiring products that improve society to out-of-this-world underwater gadgets, Asia is booming with technological advancements that will be noticed around the world.

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