Portable Products for Summer

Lenovo PD1X TWS Wireless Headphones

These mini Bluetooth earbuds are easy to control and supports 12 hours worth of music playtime. They are touch controlled and can even be voice activated if you prefer a handsfree experience. They have intelligent noise reduction for clearer conversations when talking in stereo mode. They are also bult for sport and splash proof so you can still run your 5kms in the rain.


Arzopa Portable Monitor 13.3” Ultra Slim 1080P Full HD

This 13.3” portable type-c monitor provides a wireless monitor that can be taken from room to room to watch whatever you want, wherever you want. It’s 1080P Full HD display makes it great for gaming as well as watching movies and answering emails. What’s more is that it also offers screen mirroring for your phone or another monitor, with a flick of a button you can share your smartphone screen and share to everyone what you are viewing on screen. The product is ultraslim and lightweight, and with a foldable magnetic case, it can be used as protective case or stand for the monitor – enabling you to set up and watch anywhere.


Running Sport Armband Bag

Summer is the time to get fit and be outside, and whether you are going for a short run or a long cycle ride – having the right equipment with you is a necessity. This waterproof running arm bag for your phone and small-sized valuables – like cash, credit cards, house keys and other gadgets is perfect for when you want to be mobile and clutter free. The bag is designed for any phone below 6.5 inches and has an adjustable buckle to fit snuggly to your arm. Meanwhile the dual pockets mean that you can segment you valuables into different sections and there-by increase ease of access to them and reduce the chance of your phone screen getting scratched.


Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2


Xiaomi are known for their high quality, affordable technology. The Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker 2 is one of the niftiest and daily use gadgets they have at the moment. With super-strong neodymium magnets inside, it packs a powerful and crystal-clear sound. The speaker is designed for on-the-go and its Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to connect to any device – be it mobile, laptop, TV, or other. It even has a built-in microphone for phone calls when connected to your smartphone, so there is no need to unpair and hang up. It also has strap holes so you can suspend the speaker to your bike, bag or from a hook wherever you are.


Portable Clothes Dryer

This mini compact electric heating and drying machine is a novel invention and something we have not seen before. It’s a must have for any keen campers or hikers – allowing you to dry your clothes anywhere you go, no matter the weather conditions. It has two key product uses, first as a heater where it can be angled on its side and project heat (handy on chilly nights under the stars!). Second, it has an ingenious integrated storage of drying bags – a hydrophobic bag that locks in heat and is easy to wash and dry. The retractable bag suspends from the bottom of the dryer machine, and the handle at the top becomes a hook where it can hung inside a tent, or other location. The machine then vents heat to dry your clothes and eliminates the need to bring extra bags to store wet clothes on any journey (which can then begin to smell damp if left for a day or two).

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