how does technology improve our lives

Technology is the bridge between communities and their potential. Think of the last time you enjoyed watching a movie, drinking clean water, or driving to work. All of these actions were possible due to technology!


Sadly, not every community has access to standard tools. Some cities have little to no infrastructure, leaving many people stranded when they need to travel or commute. Other towns may struggle with worsening air quality and few options.

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How can technology improve the quality of life for millions around the world? How does technology improve our lives? how has technology impacted our health? We’re going to take a look at a few recent developments and what they mean for the future.

Donating Electronics

Electronics don’t simply need to be thrown away once they reach their end date. Many electronics such as smartphones and computers can be reused with extra care.


Improving the lives of underserved communities means tapping into the supplies we already have.


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Solar Power

The sun is one of our most potent sources of energy. With nuclear energy unreliable and fossil fuel running out, solar power is set to take over as the number one option.


While everyone stands to benefit from solar power, public schools and rural communities are some of the locations that need it most.

Autonomous Vehicles

Driving is a more difficult job than it looks on the surface. The pandemic alone has contributed to a deficit in bus drivers because of illness, exhaustion, or lack of resources.


Autonomous vehicles have the potential to make driving more accessible for all. An autonomous vehicle is a vehicle with the ability to move to predetermined points on a map. This highly sophisticated artificial intelligence can provide driving services during driver shortages. Modern technology has even equipped autonomous vehicles with features like:

  • Anti-lock braking systems
  • Cruise control
  • GPS technology


Public transportation is one area that needs a significant overhaul, particularly in rural areas where essential services are spread out. With some extra work, autonomous vehicles might be how we get there!

Environmental Sensors

Air pollution is worse than it has ever been. Many of today’s major cities struggle with smog caused by traffic, manufacturing plants, and landfills.


Environmental sensors are a tool that will reduce pollution by analyzing air quality. Many smart homes have these valuable sensors to minimize issues like excess humidity, ambient temperature, and gas leaks. In the future, environmental sensors will become more accessible to public infrastructure to ensure nobody inadvertently breathes polluted air.


Environmental sensors may also contain public warnings to keep everyone in the know.


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Online Education

Education is costly in some countries. The growth of online education is making it easier than ever for people to learn new skills and grow their careers.


A significant barrier standing between people and a degree is cost. Likewise, studying out of state is often more expensive than studying within state. Online education breaks down these barriers by allowing people to learn wherever they have an Internet connection. Take out the commute and you have several ways of saving money.


Online education is set to become the new norm in a world of social distancing and mounting student debt costs.

Zoning Laws

The general public usually doesn't understand zoning laws, but these laws are a significant facet of everyday life. Many people today enjoy easy access to clinics, grocery stores, and art programs thanks to zoning laws.


Sadly, some communities are under the influence of poor zoning laws. These laws interfere with people’s ability to enjoy essential, affordable services. Due to outdated laws, specific buildings or services cannot exist in certain areas.


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A fantastic development in the field of medicine is telehealth. Gone are the days of always needing an in-person experience to receive a check-up or a prescription order.


Telehealth has expanded to include services such as elaborate check-ups, therapy, and setting up appointments. Not only is telehealth convenient for the patient, this service also helps healthcare workers. With so many medical workers under strain from the pandemic, telehealth allows them to snip out the commute and check in with patients from afar.


Telehealth will only continue to grow with the aid of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and improved delivery systems.


Technology is one of the most impressive achievements of humankind. The question is whether or not everyone can enjoy it.


Technology has the ability to improve the lives of poor and underserved communities. Some of the key features these communities need are telehealth, environmental sensors, improved zoning laws, online education, and autonomous vehicles. Of course, these tools are just the tip of the iceberg.


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