WE ARE hekka.



Hekka is still young but our categories are increasing fast. Now you will find a variety of cool stuff, from electronics & smart products to home appliances and fitness equipment, with different brands to choose from, which will become an online shopping platform for your daily life.

What is the Meaning of Hekka?

Hekka. is Inspired by the ancient Egyptian God of Magic, Heka, whose name was expressed by the hieroglyphs of two arms raised up and a wick. When put together these two symbols gave the meaning of the ancient Heka. As a community and innovation oriented marketplace hoping to turn online shopping into a magical experience, Hekka uses the wick as part of its logo. The dot is also significant, to showcase the ideal of bringing people together and also remember that Hekka exists in the digital world.


Inspired by Hekka, Ancient Egyptian God of Magic and Medicine, Hekka is here to bring back magic to your online shopping. Shopping is essential, yes, but the experience you have during shopping is important. It should be fun, easy, fast, reliable and magic. Let's Hekka!

Most importantly, in the end, you'd have found exactly what you need, at the price you want it, with a good delivery date, warranty, after-purchase care, and with your data protected!

When was Hekka Started?

Hekka Online Shopping Platform was launched in October 2021, by Asia Innovations Group (AIG).

Who Founded Hekka?

Hekka launched in 2021 by Asia Innovations Group (AIG). Hekka COO and co-founder Laure-Cécile Lafond-Fenonjoie and AIG CEO and co-founder, hope to help Hekka fulfill it’s destiny: Become an international online marketplace with cross-border community and immersive technology at its core.

Is Hekka Safe to Buy from?

Hekka online marketplace is absolutely a legitimate online marketplace, registered and certified with various products at best prices throughout the year. Also, Hekka pays great emphasis on personal data protection and reliable shipping and customer services. Hekka uses secure payment methods including PayPal, Ammex, ApplePay, VISA etc.

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Hekka APP - Online Shopping

Download the Hekka App NOW, tons of surprises waiting for you!

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Hekka's VALUES

YOU are the reason we exist, so, customer experience comes first and foremost.

That means providing fast shipping, low shipping rates, great delivery, reliable products, and an affordable price, as well as purchase warranty.

The core pillars of our operation are the basis on which we built our values:


With an excellent supply chain, we make sure we deliver your orders fast, intact, to your door, while you can track your order the entire time.


We like to view our relationship with you as a long-term one... After your purchase, our excellent customer service will be there to answer your questions, we offer a reasonable warranty and return policy and if you want to keep in touch, we will send you the best offers first!


Yes, you've found your perfect product, at a great price AND it ships to your country. We know how important it is to keep shipping rates at a reasonable price, that's why we offer low rates AND free shipping eligibility.


Secure transactions and the safety of personal data are important. We don't work with third-party operators; we have our operating system and we only accept payments via secure and verified gateways. Keeping personal data requirements to the minimum, we make sure that they stay personal.


As an international marketplace that is based in Singapore, we are aware of the quantity, variety, accessibility, affordability of products that are produced and created here.

Countless items become more and more available and we want to make them available to everyone around the world, because... Why not?



We are an international team, with our base in Singapore and partners across Europe, U.S.A and India.


Certificate of DTGC PTE. LTD.

Hekka is a company licensed for electronic products. Hekka.com, Hekka.usHekka.tw and HekkaMall.com belong to the same company i.e. DTGC PTE. LTD.

Hekka's values are reflected in our work culture and ethics almost entirely:

Ethical management of data, personal visits to the factories we collaborate with, no exploitation or cruelty involved.

Adapting, adjusting, and reinventing collaboration between people from different countries, to develop and improve Hekka on a daily basis and create an online marketplace that crosses borders and welcomes everyone.



As we are still young, our product lines are still expanding, but so far, you will find a variety of cool stuff that range from electronics to home products, from many different brands.


Hekka is a direct-to-global consumer online retailer. Our team is committed to providing consumers with a rich variety of products and resources, devoted to improving customer service, meeting customers' requirements, and striving to exceed the customer's expectations. Coupled with our strict rules of selecting suppliers, we provide original items in immaculate quality and the most competitive prices. Meanwhile, we provide 100% authentic shopping assurance to our online shoppers.



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