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Summer's coming. Some people enjoy themselves by the pool, on the beach, at the parks. But If you just want to have a good summer weekend without leaving your house, a staycation in your garden can be a good idea. Here's a list of accessories that can help make your garden more comfortable.

Garden Accessories #1: Plant Decoration

Decorating your garden to make it more appealing could be the first step before enjoying your staycation at home. If you love gardening, that is indeed a great way to relax and unwind your mind. However, artificial plants can also give you a relaxing weekend. Without all the hard work of watering and fertilizing, you get a child-friendly and pet-friendly garden. Artificial plants can let you make your garden look as beautiful as a park in a shorter period. Try adding some solar LED light for a cool backyard light show feeling.

plante artificielle, plante artificiel

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Garden Accessories #2: Garden Parasol

The last thing you want from summer is to get burned. Luckily, a stable and beautiful garden parasol can save you from skin cancer. With a "roof" over your head, you can enjoy the summer breeze carefree. Speaking of sun-proof, it won't be a bad idea to get yourself a pair of sunglasses, which will totally give you the flavor of vacation.

parasol de plage


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Garden Accessories #3: Foldable Tent

If you are crazy about rainy days, get a foldable tent, you can hear the rain pitter-pattered on the tent top. Also, because the tent is foldable, you can save it for camping or picnic and have a party with friends and nature later!

tonnelle de jardin


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