International Women's Day 2022 Hekka Guide to Women's Day
It’s common to see International Women’s Day (IWD) featuring in the social media of various brands and organizations, with discounts for “women only” and the same replicates on coffee shops, bars, cinemas and so on.
That’s not necessarily bad! In fact, whatever draws attention to important topics and issues and brings awareness, is important and welcome. However, it’s worth looking into what International Women’s Day is all about, what are the current - and ongoing - topics to be discussed and how Hekka, as a platform, can play its small part in supporting gender equality.

What is International Women's Day

International Women’s Day started a long time ago, and was initially celebrated in the 1900s on February 23d, although it was transferred to March 8 to match the Gregorian Calendar. It had spread internationally as the years passed by, as an effort to celebrate women’s achievements, tackle bias, fight inequality and challenge social norms. It’s also a time to tackle gender inequalities beyond the boundaries of what we define as “woman”.
Every year, there's a different theme for IWD, with discussions occurring around that theme either offline or with online events, across forums and social media. This year’s theme is about breaking biases, related not only to gender. It goes even beyond that; It’s important to recognize bias to break the bias and recognizing the bias can bring solutions to many issues, even to creating a more sustainable future for the world.
You may consider this is a far leap from gender inequality, but it makes perfect sense.
Women worldwide are a vulnerable group and more women live in poverty than men, making them dependent on natural resources and so they are highly likely to receive the negative effects of climate change. As such, women have considerable impact and involvement in climate change initiatives. This goes especially for women in minority groups, often overlooked in their struggle to battle climate change and take sustainable actions.
A big majority of green focused companies, small or big, are actually owned by women, but the majority of world and company leaders are men! Biases and gender inequality are also the main drive for women’s more eco-friendly approach to entrepreneurship, especially in tech companies.
Breaking the bias and breaking barriers for more inclusive and diverse working places, can bring a positive change to climate issues, and a positive change to the working conditions for all. A day like International Women’s Day is important not only for women, but for everyone, as breaking the bias will help create a better world.

How can you participate in this year’s International Women’s Day?

You can always support influential women by checking out their websites and follow them on social media to learn and be inspired from.
Some great examples are:
Kimberly Bryant, founder and CEO of Black Girls Code
Katie Moussouris, (@k8em0 on Twitter) founder of Luta Security
Bethany Yellotail, (@byellowtail on Instagram) fashion designer and CEO of BYellowtail
Cathy Hackl (@CathyHackl on Twitter), Godmother of the Metaverse
And many many more, the list is open for you to fill and suggest.

What else?

You can share your story on how you help #BreakTheBias, using this hashtag along with #IWD2022, on social media, you can participate in discussions or panels near you or online, or join in forums to learn more and talk about gender inequality issues and how to strive to break the bias. You can also simply dress in white and purple, the official colors for IWD, to show your support!
You can always find useful resources on the official website for International Women’s Day and gather more information about this year’s theme and actions.
As an organization or company, it’s a great time to engage actively in such discussions, learn how you can support the cause and become more inclusive and open, for the good of everyone.
This why Hekka wants to raise awareness to this year’s theme while also pledging to work actively to #BreakTheBias in the workplace. Hekka’s teams comprises 45% women (all of whom receive equal pay based on fair credentials) and cover 40% of leading and management roles in the company.
At the same time, Hekka strives to make tech and electronics available at affordable prices which offers higher accessibility to women, as women in the tech field usually are often excluded and face barriers because of poverty and gender-based pay-gaps.
In a way, we all have a chance to improve the world with our actions. We all have our own "superpower", if you like...
So, this year, take the chance, share your "superpower", your story, contribution or thoughts online with @hekka.official on Instagram and @hekkaUs on Twitter.

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