Top 9 Tech Holiday  Gifts - 2021 Edition
Surprising your loved ones with the best holiday gifts, whether they are for Christmas or New Year’s is a major goal! But it’s also super daunting, especially when you’re on a budget and to be honest, tech gifts can be a tough choice, although really rewarding.
Despite this year’s ongoing delivery delays because of the pandemic, and the chip shortage that caused a variety of issues, there are still several great tech accessories readily available in the online market.
Brands like Lenovo, Xiaomi, Nokia etc, have made tech products accessible to a wider audience, while balancing the price x quality ratio.
That means it’s now so much easier to purchase something thoughtful and actually useful, for your loved ones (and yourself-because why not?).
However, you need to keep in mind that, when ordering online there’s a processing and delivery time you need to consider. So, if you want to buy a gift during the holiday season, you need to purchase it early enough. Always make sure to check the shipping time and dates before your checkout.
But enough talking. Let’s go straight to our top suggestions for Best Holiday Gifts for Tech Lovers - Christmas 2021 Edition:

1- Fujifilm Instax Mini 11- $79.95

This is one of the best presents you can choose for a family that loves catching sweet memories behind the lens to experience the unmistakable hit of nostalgia! The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is a simple-to-use instant photography camera that automatically adjusts the focus and exposure in different settings, giving you lovely prints at the scene. Its auto-adjustable lens also offers a better close-up and selfie mode for taking soft-focus pictures. Plus, the pocket-size accessory makes it a perfect Christmas stocking filler!
If you’re looking for something tech-savvy that your tech-addicted friend or even older relative will enjoy, this GPS Drone with Dual Camera is the go-to. Not only it’s pretty easy to learn how to use and fly, it’s also pretty lightweight and foldable, making it easy to carry. The functions are straight-forward and it can go around for a 60min flight session, making it ideal for weekend pastime, countryside visits or even covering events for social media. It’s best for drone photography beginners or people who like exploring the sky view while relaxing.
Powered by Tuya software specialized in high-tech automation, this adorable little camera is wireless, has motion detection and night-vision capabilities. It’s perfect for pet monitoring, as well as baby monitoring and of course it makes a great, affordable indoor security camera. If you’re going for vacation out of town and need to keep an eye on your valuables. As a pet owner or parent we understand you may be anxious leaving your beloved family members alone, even for a couple of hours, or with a sitter. A home camera with motion sensors is a good choice, especially when it comes to energetic pets that tend to run around a lot. This dome camera comes with APP monitoring, two-way audio, cloud services and 1080p quality.
You might already be familiar with smart light bulbs, but the Yeelight Adjustable LED Lamp brings a whole new level to lighting up your home with bursts of transitioning colors. LED Bedside Lamps are exceptional for a variety of reasons. Apart from the obvious color and aesthetic they can bring to your home, especially during the holidays, the different shades can have a significant effect on your mood. From cool hues that help you focus, to warm hues that help you relax. And the best part, if you are a streamer, photographer or videographer you can really easily use this lamp for your work. You can remotely control it via APP. You can connect it to HomeKit, Alexa, Mijia etc, and use voice control. However, keep in mind there're some steps to follow to successfully connect to HomeKit. After setting it up, you can set the right mood with an array of colors or allow the light to change automatically based on voice commands.
Welcome to the future! Do you have a travel-addict friend or relative, someone you know who is a student or incredibly busy? This is one of the most imaginative and useful gifts you can offer them! This awesome Foldable Mini Laundry is easy to fit and carry in a large bag or suitcase, making it really convenient for travel. It offers a range of washing modes from 5 to 15 minutes. With a strong sucker at the bottom, for stable and powerful operation, it has a washing capacity of 0.8kg.
An invaluable tool for pretty much everyone, a wireless, portable and chic mouse, that has a range of connectivity options available. Xiaomi’s Mi USB and Bluetooth Mouse claims dual connection, AKA you can use it on two devices at the same time! It’s also apparently quite silent, so you can use it without worries during conferences, meetings, in the evening, etc.
No question about it, at this day and age, fashionable, cute noise-canceling headphones are the biggest trend! These trendy HIFI Stereo Mini Headsets with Microphone work on Android and IOS devices and come in a variety of funky colors! They are lightweight and waterproof on top of that! Great for music, calls, gaming or other activities.
A timeless classic, here to replace those radio-alarm clocks of the good old days. Not but seriously, it’s a pretty cool, multipurpose device. With a build-in mic and a good bass, this wireless loudspeaker can also be used as a watch and alarm. It also comes in a bunch of pretty colors to choose from.

9. Mi Band 6 - $29.99

A must-have for the fitness enthusiasts and pretty much everyone, actually. This colorful smart band watch follows your heart rate, tracks your steps, monitors your health updates and helps keep a record of your workouts and training. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether you simply enjoy long and fast-paced walks or you’re training in a specific sport. Battery life lasts about 14 days, while charging time takes up to 2 hours. You can opt for 24/7 heart monitoring and sleep health monitoring, burned calories and more.
There’s plenty more were all these came from but sadly we had to choose only 9 products that we think are the most epic picks for tech holiday gifts you can easily get your hands on this season!
Of course, the list is ongoing, so if you want to browse more interesting gadgets and electronics, visit our online shop, for a variety of products at best prices!

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